My name is João, and I'm an equal parts mix of developer, scientist and engineer.

I finished my Computer Science and Software Engineering 5 year degree from the University of Coimbra in 2006. Then I started what came to be a period of 8 years working in a industrial research context, with Portugal Telecom, often contributing to European research projects. I started out focused on distributed systems architecture, protocols and testbed administration.

In 2008 I got my MSc degree in Wireless Networks with Distinction from the Queen Mary University of London and a few months after I started to pursue a PhD in Computer Science in a joint doctoral programme from 3 Portuguese Universities. Due to the focus of my PhD being privacy problems, since 2010 I began working also with security, identity management and data mining. In 2015 I was unanimoulsy awarded my PhD degree.

After writing my thesis I moved to Belgium to develop software for the pharmaceutical sector. Despite being initially hired as a developer, my role at Business&Decision Life Sciences changed to also include team management, product management, business development and solution design.